Monday, January 9, 2012

The Walking Dead-Kara

I am really into horror/apocalypse movies. I recently got hooked on a show called "The Walking Dead." It is an original tv show from amc about what happens to a group of people when there is an apocalypse and people start coming back from the dead. What really amazed me about this show and made it inspiring was that even though it was a tv show that ends at a certain point each time and has different episodes, it all feels like one long movie, or like each episode is just part of a movie. I watched the first season in one day because it was so good, and the visual effects are out of this world. I really love how the crew is able to set up lighting that mimics beautiful natural lighting scenarios. All of the special effects with blood and the zombies are also perfectly executed as well. I think the most important thing I could learn from this show is how if you can perfect lighting, you can make it appear almost as if you are anywhere, at any time of day. Since we are starting in the studio soon, I thought this show would be important for me to go back to and reference some of their lighting situations.

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