Monday, January 30, 2012

Math and Photography

This is a photographer that graduated from RIT! Her name is Nikki Graziano. My academic advisor actually told me about her because she Majored in Photograph and Minored in Math, which is what I plan to do. Then she ended up popping up on tumblr a few days ago which inspired me to make this most.
People don't always appreciate math for what it is because of how difficult it can be.
Nikki said, “I wanted to create something that could communicate how awesome math is, to everyone." Math is really all around you and you never really notice. Photography has many uses and this is one of them. It expresses math in a way that non-math lovers can appreciate. I think this set is quite beautiful. I would love to be able to combine my love for math and photography into one piece.
You can look at more of her stuff here:

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