Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ralph Steadman-Keith

Ralph Steadman is one Englishman, who deserves to be knighted. His work has inspired me for years. Born in 1936, the cartoonist is well know for his illustrating the classic "Alice in Wonderland." In addition, he was one of the collaborators of Gonzo Journalism with the late great Hunter S. Thompson. This was the core of the story structure for "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," which if you've never seen or read, shame on you. Steadman has captured through his work a mood of visually contained chaos and his work is very identifiable. He is by far one of my favorite visual artists, and he is still kicking today. He also illustrates for Flying Dog Brewery which is a continuation and a showcase for Gonzo through beer... delicious!

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  1. Kinda strange.... b/c I JUST thought to myself whether or not he had been 'knighted'... So, I googled it, and an hour ago, you had the same thought.

    Here enter the vortex.