Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Martin Parr- Samantha

Martin Parr is a photographer that one of the photographer's I have written about, used as inspiration. You can already tell Martin Parr is a bit of a character when you go onto his website because there's a cover of an old lady's living room and then at the bottom are cartoon pictures and if your mouse goes over them they lead you to different parts of his site. I googled his name in images and I saw a lot of comical pictures and they all seemed to be part of his book: Small World. He traveled around the world and took pictures of tourists. I found this description on by K. Praslowicz. "From a woman getting attacked by the pigeon in Italy, to an awkward moment on Santa's lap in Lapland. From local villagers swarming tourists to buy their trinkets, to family photos being taken in the Las Vegas strip... the affects of globalization are very present throughout Parr's photographs."

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