Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diane Arbus- Samantha


Diane Arbus has very interesting work and I chose pictures from her Circus series where she just took pictures of people in a circus. I attached an article at the top that goes into detail about how she came across the circus and began taking pictures of them. I looked through different pictures unrelated to her Circus series and her pictures are very basic. They have a subject and except for one, the last photograph, the subjects are looking at the camera and not doing anything interesting, just staring at the camera. What makes the pictures interesting is the people and seeing the subject, it makes me want to know more, the back story and how they got to the circus. For me this artistic talent is unusual and a bit hard to understand because I'm into photojournalism where everything in the picture has to be interesting, and I don't find people just staring straight at the camera that interesting.

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