Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ria van Dijk- In Almost Every Picture --Kendra

Ria van Dijk started going to a shoot gallery in 1936 in Tilburg, Holland at the age of 16. When attending this shooting gallery she would take her stance and fire with the hopes that she would hit the target right on. If she succeeded, she was rewarded with the photo of her in her shooting stance that was taken as she hit the target. With these images a book was compiled entitled, In Almost Every Picture that was collaborated by Erik Kessels and Joep Eljkens. Not only do the pictures contain Ria herself, but also the interesting people that surround her at that moment in time, and little did they know that they would one day be included in this collaboration. In this book, you see a photo of her in almost every year of her life from when she was 16 till she was a ripe 88. This is definitely a work worth checking out and admiring as you see the life of this woman progress by doing something she enjoys

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