Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nicki Minaj

By Lindsey Mulla

This week in Photo Arts our studio portraits has brought me to the music video of Nicki Minaj.  The popular rap artist's music video Stupid Hoe  , has a 16,639,913 with 120,060 likes and 251,310 dislikes at this time. (( The music video reminds me of a clean simplistic studio setting paying attention to lighting, makeup and composition in which she is framed. The work that we are learning the week can be applied to an infinite applications. The work shown in photo arts was composed of classic black and white conservative clothing, to dramatic lighting glamorizing a naturalist identity. Comparing the work of today similar to a Broadway display of theatrical light as imagery captivates this explosive production. Minaj's video displays work that can be done in a vulgar, animated, and provocative tone. With an astonishingly excessive number of views. There are more dislikes then there are likes.  

More about the album and song:

The Urban comments on Nicki Minaj breaking the record with “Stupid Hoe” 
Nicki Minaj continues to silence critics and haters aike with her music and success. Minaj’s latest track, “Stupid Hoe” has broken records on Vevo. After being released on January 20th, the Barbie’s Hype Williams directed video amassed 4.8 million views in a 24 hour span. Vevo confirmed Nicki Minaj’s record breaking moment with Digital Spy”.

In art and photography we are taught to be out there by creating works of art that are unique weather it be disturbing or pleasant, make it memorable. The work of the art of Nicki Minaj 'Stupid Hoe'  has rattled more than the cage that she harnesses herself in within the video. It shakes up the emotions, of fans, audience, and spectators. 

This brings the thought of when working for a cliental you are chosen to impress your boss as well as the audience of viewers that are buying into the face of Nicki Minaj, or any model for an industry.
When creating works of art weather it be pictures, video, a model figure. There is  going to be likes and dislikes, but it is important for people such as the audience to be well knowledge of what their work could be associating themselves with.  comments on the ‘Stupid Hoe’ Video Drops.

“The eccentric rapper/pop star spent the past few days teasing her video, promising fans something extraordinary enough that it could not be aired on normal television. "Can't premiere on a network b/c its important that my art is not tampered with, or compromised prior to you viewing it for the 1st time," she tweeted on Thursday”.

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