Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carsten Peter - Katie Toth

This is another National Geographic photographer that I like. Carsten has a brilliant sense of light, color and space in his photographs. Most of these just take my breath away. First off his light. His light is so perfect and serene in its natural space. It adds a glow and a tone to the photographs that are just amazing. The photograph of the person on his knees in the rain, wow the light, the tone, the moment ... everything. His technical choices to maybe use a slower shutter speed to show off that light and to slightly soften the rain that was falling is awesome. Even how the person is silhouetted. I mean in ever single one of these photos, the light, the color, the space I'm at a loss of words and someday this is the impact that I want to have on others looking at my work I want them to feel like I am now.

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