Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drops of Sunlight

By Lindsey Mulla 

The Music video Sunlight by Modestep
Is phenomenal, this is by far one of my favorite music videos. It is playful the story line is genius; the music meshes fantastically in this world of adults in a youthful fantasy. The soft-focus blends with the overdub of the electronic music, and ambient sound. Starting off with the elderly woman drawing her curtains as  the record players hiss off a modern graphic spins. Setting the contrast of modern graphic album in the english setting room. As the two other friends come over putting aside an english breakfast. The three friends revel no shades as their world bicycles into a tea-party of rum. A chaotic visual shades no expense of the elderly living the life of a twenty year old partier. As society pulls on wrinkles, and age in tabloids of how to buy into creams and mask age or roll in a wheel chair drawing the shades. The video takes elderly in Mr.Rogers get up, granny sweaters worn, beautiful age just the way it is.  The lyrics"the sunlight hurts my eyes" shapes a new identity as 90 becomes the new 27. There is no masking a person or their desires, and the cinematography sets the tone of a hidden message, to the restless soul that seeks within.  The racing color is bold flowing into a choppy layered montage, it could not have been better as montage of the collected experiences wraps up their day with a clean finish. The softness of the camera created a charming and nostalgic feel. The filters and over-layered clips broke down with the music spitting from one scene, one beat, to another stretched candid expression. 
The wonderful lyric "The sunlight hurts my eyes" goes hand in hand with when your told as a child don't look up at the sun it will hurt your eyes. The beautiful part about that truthful saying is it always will, just because we age, doesn't mean reality, out worlds and our childish sayings don't still apply. Maybe many of us grow up forgetting the reasons which persuaded our ability to think as we do, or the reasons in which we act in such a manor. The direction of the film pulls at something serious that shades, as well as revels us as we open our eyes and minds. The video that is embracing a serious reality shown through the acts of quirky youthful time the odd connection is creating this harmonious electric sensation. Displaying the fact that from youth to age the same sun still applies. 

Here is the video:

There other music video Feel Good once again has a playful tone poking fun at reality, the cinematography of the videos cuts at angles to pick up with the pace. 

Liam Underwood is a creative visual artist from graphic design to photography. Using photography and video as his focus.  He films and edits the work for Modestep.

Here is an 18hour timelapse he shot with the canon 7d on the 29th Floor of the Hilton Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Australia 

I am in love with his work, and how he uses the camera as a tool to document. Allowing his work to narrate music and create an intense state of emotion at even the simplest scale.

The power of imagery is meshing it up allowing for it to become more than just a creepy or beautiful look. Holding the power of influence that takes the music and narrative effect drawing the audiences attention. 

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