Wednesday, February 1, 2012

William Eggleston- Samantha

William Eggleston has 14 artist books starting from 1974 and his most recent one was a Volume 2 in 2004. Looking through the available pictures he does have, I see similar set ups for pictures in different portfolios.

These are pictures from Sample Suite:

These are pictures from Dust Bells Volume 2:

As you can see, the pictures have similar landscape, and subject but obviously the pictures from Sample Suite are more vibrant than those from the Dust Bells. He's famous for the colors in his photographers; in 1974 he was working with dye-transfer painting which I guess helped him with his later work and using colors. William Eggleston's work is of ordinary subjects but he "finds beauty in the mundane world." "Eggleston's subjects are, on the surface, the ordinary inhabitants and environs of suburban Memphis and Mississippi--friends, family, barbecues, back yards, a tricycle and the clutter of the mundane. The normality of these subjects is deceptive, for behind the images there is a sense of lurking danger."I don't know if I like or don't like his photos, I like when photographs are full or have a focus point/interesting subject; the second photograph up top is nice but then I see some of his other photos and I don't understand how people like them; like the one below.

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