Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kaitlin Egan

This is a photographer who is from my hometown and is now a sophomore here at RIT. She actually had Meredith as a Photo teacher her freshman year! I have always followed her work from when we were both in high school together till now. She is an amazing photographer and takes the most beautiful portraits of her close friends. Her photographs always seem to have this raw, intimate feeling to them. I admire that quality about them. Her feelings about these people come through in her photographs. As corny as it sounds she captures these people's souls in photographs. I saw these people around my high school but never in this way. Along with that, her use of lighting and framing is always remarkable.
There is also a video she made about her friends that I fell in love with:
She combines her photographs with the video and makes an extremely beautiful piece. I am often speechless by it, just watch it.

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