Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jim Marshall-Keith

You may have not heard of Jim Marshall, but you have definitely seen this man's work. He has had a career of over 50 years of documenting music's greatest artists in Rock N' Roll, Jazz, Blues, & R&B, from the late-fifties, early-sixties and on. There's too many names to list, it would be easier to tell you who he hasn't photographed. He documented Woodstock, shot for Rolling Stone, and his work has been on over 500 album covers. His work is some of the majority of documentation of Rock N' Roll specifically. His portraits of musicians are iconic, having access to some of the most exclusive shooting locations, something every other photographer could only dream about. Sadly the photography world is at a loss of his passing in March of 2010 but his images will live on in infamy.

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