Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 10, Part II

This post is about a friend of mine. I met Brooks Adam at SVA two summers ago. He was taking the black and white darkroom class, I was taking the color. Either way, one day we started talking and sharing ideas about manipulating prints. This kid had big plans, I could tell. Anyways, months and now years have passed and his website continues to surprise me. Brooks is never afraid to play with his photography. I feel like a lot of us, including myself, take our work too seriously, and perhaps we can learn from him. My favorite work of his are his inkjet prints. Sounds gross doesn’t it? Well, Brooks prints his lovely photographs on matte-inkjet paper, then simply draws on them with colored pencil. Such a simple idea, but executed so beautifully. The images have a weird mysterious vibe, unnatural but hauntingly realistic at times. The images definitely deserve a second look.

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