Monday, February 13, 2012

Thomas Czarnecki- Samantha

This series by Thomas Czarnecki is called From Enchantment to Down, and they provide alternate endings to the traditional Disney princess stories. They are darker and have a haunting sexual twist to them.  Alice in Wonderland is left in a cave, The Little Mermaid is left stranded on a beach, Beauty in the beast is left stranded in an abandoned room, Cinderella looks to be dead on a stairwell, Jasmine looks like she was killed with blue gas and then my favorite Pocahontas appears to be dead and might be killed and stripped of her skin. I think this series is very interesting and is a cool twist and angle to approach the Disney idea. There are so many ways he could have approached it, like an alternative ending, but I like how he made it dark and sadistic so the adults can appreciate it.

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