Thursday, February 2, 2012

photography isn't truth. Urban outfitters

the idea that photography isn't truth is a concept that i've always had a hard time accepting. Photojournalism has always interested me and I think its the closest media of truth with photography, I guess.. I mean I'm still really confused. Anyway these photos are from Urban outfitters ad. I think its really interesting that these are taken in a documentation way but they are completely and actually probably very intricately photographed. This could be the more most "unreal" or "untruthful" form. Actually trying to create truth, that isn't real at all. But, instead makes you believe that this guy is really riding in the back seat of his friends car or that group of friends is spending time together in the wilderness. These don't look like typical ads, which is very interesting but I guess I don't really like it. I just find it really silly actually, and kind of makes me feel indifferent about this whole idea I guess. Its something that strikes me enough though that I think I should keep looking at. Even if I don't like it, maybe thats a good thing, and maybe thats what makes this series good.

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