Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Three years ago, Lauren Fleishman began photographing couples who have been married for more than 50 years in an attempt to document romantic histories. Fleishman says that when she began the project, she was looking for the secret that these couples all seemed to know, the most important rule for a lasting relationship—but now she thinks that secret doesn’t exist. “I thought that there would be one common thread that kept them all together all these years,” she says. “There really isn’t. Everybody is just so different.”"

I thought this project was quite beautiful. I am somewhat of a romantic and I love hearing the stories of people who have been married for so long. I read that she limits herself to two medium-format rolls per couple. This means that she has to be very careful which moments she captures. I would love to do a documentary type project in the future. I think with documentary photography, the photographer learns so much about the subject they are focusing in on, like Kelly's final. I thought it was great how much she got to know about their culture. Most of the information you learn in projects like these, you can't get out of a textbook.

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