Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chien-Chi Chang "Double Happiness"

I came across this book in the library, "Double Happiness" by Chien-Chi Chang. When I first picked it up, I was drawn by the pictures and how this women looked awkward. Not happy, not really sad, but and in between state where they weren't sure what they should be. After I checked it out I started going through it and reading the small tibits of info included. Soon I found out that these Vietnamese women were basically being lined up and picked from by Taiwanese men to get married, and in a three days time. They would go to Ho Chi Mihn City and these men would go and get the pick of the litter and find a bride, apply for visas, go to a "couples" counseling and then get married, in three days. That explains why these women had such an expression that was confusing to figure out. These women were being picked out to see which was the best so some of them had faces of hopefulness, some looked mostly happy, and some looked downright miserable. Chang did a great job of taking these photographs and capturing their feelings and gestures to show everyone what they must be going through. The book is well organized in the 4 steps they must go through, and its definitely something interesting and different to pick up.

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