Sunday, February 19, 2012

Aaron Huey-Mitakuye Oyasin- All My Relations

Immediately looking at this photographers work I fell in love. This is exactly it. Its just so spot on.. I love this use of the way people can view Native Americans, as these men with headdresses on horses with paint on their faces; these majestic men and women.. and how they live today, normal human beings with problems..very far off from this idea of some sort of wonderful Native american. My grandfather is a native american along with my grandmother. Some of the images bring me to their small house in the city with all of my younger cousins living with them. This particular series is very personal to what I've seen, and I think the way he portrayed who they are very well. Native Americans where I am from live in the onondaga reservation where kids of 12 years old drive, smoke cigarettes and sell drugs. The houses are run down and there is very little wonderfulness about it. However, about once or twice a year there are Pow-wows where they all get together, dance and go to their roots, which can be this magical wonderful event with colors music food and happiness.

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