Friday, February 24, 2012

Mister Cartoon

I'm a huge fan of illustration and mixed media. Juxtapoz is one of my favorite sources, it's an excellent reference for inspiration introducing you to other growing artists. 
Juxtapoz online Magazine states 
Juxtapoz contributor, and now Southeast Asia-based photographer, Dylan Maddux, documents Los Angeles-based tattoo artist and former Juxtapoz cover artist Mister Cartoon as he travels to Bangkok, Thailand. Cartoon talks about the various ways people use transportation in the city, some of the influences and observations he has made about Bangkok, and of course, there is a little talk about tattooing. (via UP)".

You can check out  more of Maddux work on the link below.

It's wonderful to see design, illustration, and photography come together in a movie. This is a wonderful piece for people interested in documenting, and art form.

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