Sunday, February 19, 2012

brenda ann kenneally- Upstate Girls

brenda ann kenneally came to RIT a few weeks ago for a lecture to show her work. She showed multiple projects she had. One that was very elaborate and is still going on today is "Upstate Girls." This series to me is about the way these women live together and have relationships through poverty and legal issues. It is very interesting to me because women like this are everywhere and no one seems to tell their story. I think its amazing she spent time with these women for as long as she has and she has become apart of their family. Its a really intriguing series to me. Brenda Kenneally states, "My project explores the way that money is but a symptom of self-worth and a means by which humans separate from each other. Poverty is an emotional rather than physical state with layers of marginalization to cement those who live under them into their place. The economic crisis as it is called has done some to take the moral sting out of being poor, though the conversation remains centered on economic rather than social stimulus relief. Thus indicating that the crux of the crisis is for those that are recently without money rather than Americans whose ongoing struggles left them unfazed by the headlines."

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