Sunday, December 11, 2011

Street Photography- Samantha

"Time is transient, it is fleeting. We experience it, use it, abuse it, even fear it, but my concern here are sequences of events as I witness them and manage to collect them through the lens."- Luis

I was trying to find the artist who works with pedestrians' shadows but I couldn't find it, instead I came across this man's photography: Luis from Ephemeral Visions. The portfolio I was most interested in was Street Photography both in black and white and in color. I loved the use of light in his black and white photography. In the first photo just the cluster of people all lined up hints at the ambiance in Mexico and each person adds something to the photo and you wonder about their story. The second photo was more what I was originally looking for with the shadow projected across the road; distorting the shape of the person and making it look like an alien. And the third one I loved the blue spot color which was enhanced with the blur of vehicles around the subject. I also didn't understand the picture. Is that a man lifting up a chair with wheels and carrying it behind him in an awkward way?

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