Thursday, December 8, 2011

Otto Dix- Keith

Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix 1891-1969 was one of the most prolific artists in the early twentieth century. In his youth, he eagerly volunteered himself to serve in the German Army during World War I. The first hand experience of war, clearly affected him. However, it is also what defined his work for the rest of his career. His drawings, prints, and paintings are renown for their extremely graphic and distorted perspective from the first hand trench experiences of a traumatized young soldier. Dix's compositions emanate a strong emotional tie to the viewer. Dix was a rarity, being one of the few sources that shared the gruesome truth of WWI or war in general to the rest of the population. Citizens on both fronts of the war only viewed glorified propaganda given out in endless supplies by the opposing governments. Justifying a war that should never have happened. Dix work emphasizes the importance of preserving life, and he speaks to me personally on multiple levels.

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