Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson became a newspaper publisher in 1940 because her husband wanted to keep her busy and out of trouble and she wanted to prove to her father that she could be as good as a journalist as he was. From that start she created the most successful new daily newspaper of the postwar period. Today the Alicia Patterson Foundation supports journalists engaged to support journalism and foster a community of journalists engaged in working to provide the truth to the public.  

I liked the story of Alicia Patterson fighting to work for the better of society by focusing her energy on documenting. With the success of ambitious energy this organization continues to raise awareness supporting determination of strong documenters.  On her cite photographers share their documentaries that won a fellowship due to their strong portfolio. There are pages of winners pouring out their stories. One of the winners is Andre Bruce. Her photographs are shown above.  I love the meaning of this award  and find it an extreme honor to be accepted.  This is another reason to work hard and document to join with others from the past and present that design our future.  

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