Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jamie Beck e Kevin Burg – Cinemagraphs

I had always pondered the mixed use of film and photography techniques to create a single set of images. These images I came across applies them almost exactly as I imagined them to. A short moment within a scene, no more than a few seconds, with the ability to truly come to life and engage the viewer. The use of animation is only sparingly used, as to not subtract too heavily from the feel of being a photograph. The use of animation within what would originally be a still image, can introduce new methods or tools to play with the notion of time passing or depth. I feel they would be best applied to the realm of advertising, with its ability to engage the viewer into the image, and force a certain mood onto the viewer. Which brings me to the very issue I have with these pieces. They have the capacity to direct the viewer into a certain mood, not allowing them to discover their own interpretation of the images themselves. Additionally, I feel this style 'cheats' the effect of movement, by applying physical movement or movement from wind within the scene.
Overall, the slight use of animation is an interesting effect that deserves its merits. Interesting, yet can also feel a tad gimmicky depending on its use.

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