Thursday, December 1, 2011

Factory Girl- Samantha

I watched the movie Factory Girl before Thanksgiving break and it’s about Holly Golightly and her relationship with Andy Warhol. He turns her into a super star and then he shatters her world. It’s a very interesting movie because even though the movie isn’t about him, it is because his work technique and how he gets his image. There’s a part in the movie where they describe his style, that all he does is look at things basically. Which is my issue with his work, he doesn’t create anything new, all he does is take people’s work and add a twist to it. A twist if the artist had wanted to do with their work, would have done. Anyway in the movie when he was getting to know his subject he’d have a video camera recording their conversation except he wouldn’t be in it and he would just ask them random questions and study their behavior, which I found cool. It’s a good way to get models comfortable, just talking to them and getting to know them while the camera’s in front of them and then while they’re talking start taking the pictures and give them suggestions for how to move their body.

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