Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Greyscale Photography- Samantha

In M&P lecture this week we learned about how we shouldn't just press the button in Photoshop to convert the photo into black and white, we should play around with the grey scale so we can properly do it. Adjusting the contrast and brightness to the photo and its shadows. Some examples she had came from a photographer called Mitch Dobrowner. I looked up his portfolio online and I was especially interested in his Storm collection, partly because I used to watch Twister every Friday night on ABC Family when I was younger. The photos that Mitch Dobrowner has captured are amazing because of the grey scale and also because I can only imagine the situation and the atmosphere while he was capturing the images. All of his other sets are similar because he doesn't shoot people; he does only landscape. He'll have a mountain or a lake and then the sky. It's very impressing, because it's gorgeous without color.

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