Thursday, December 1, 2011

Steven Meisel- Samantha

I admire the pictures in Teen Vogue and especially Marc Jacob’s campaign photos because I love his clothing line as well as his purpose but I’ve never really researched or admired one of the photographer just Marc Jacob’s because his photos are ridiculously easy and it’s only because he’s so famous that he can get away with that. So looking at some of Steven Meisel’s work where it is very well thought out and complicated is inspiring. He has this one where a girl is being arrested on a plane, and she’s in a nice outfit. The bonuses of his photos are that you want to follow a storyline and know how she got there but it's just an advertisement. However I found this one photo where there are so many people in a square room with decoration everywhere. His style is very involved with mini stories going on everywhere; drawing your eye into the entire ad, scouring for the little details in clothing and accessories.

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