Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Graying Town Builds a Life Beyond Bingo

Yesterday when reading the NYTimes the article Graying Town Builds a Life Beyond Bingo the  picture taken by Christopher Capozziello captured my attention. Being that I liked this photograph I wanted to research more of the photographers work. When researching Capozziello, I found out that he graduated from R.I.T. Capozziello is truly gifted at cropping a picture to fit the story leaving parts of the body popping out or cut off to accurately depict the story.  The worn expressions develop this inner voice that speaks from the people he meets. Just as the soft focus of the woman in the background is droned out as the older woman shovels through her workout in her own space.  Taking a closer look at this story provided me with the knowledge of another successful R.I.T alumni thats documenting life. 

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