Friday, December 9, 2011

Gabrielle aplin "home"

wow this video is very touching. Not just the lyrics but the whole video was set up just right to put you in a particular mindset. The lighting in the video makes you feel comfortable and homey. The place and what's included in the video also is chosen very carefully. It all falls in tune with the song and the lyrics. Even how the sun shines through in certain spots makes you feel warm. This puts me in a good mindset for photography and how we should be thinking very carefully as to whats included in our photographs and what they are going to portray. What kind of lighting is going to give us a certain feel. What objects are included in the photograph will help us to feel a certain way. If there is a person in the photograph, what they are wearing is going to lean us one way or another. As well as whether their eyes are on the camera or not and what expression is on their face. This video really has me thinking. :)

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