Friday, December 2, 2011

Brockport Football Coach Fighting Cancer- Brandon

This is a picture of my old high school teacher and football coach, Greg Pelletier back in Brocport, New York. Pelletier has stage 4 bladder cancer and tumors in his lungs. This year has been the best coaching year of his career. Despite the fact that he has cancer, it did not stop him to push his team to sectionals with an 8-0 record. The Brockport Blue Devils lost in the finals of sectionals by a touchdown. Many players were really sad because they wanted to play hard for their coach. They wanted to show other teams and coaches that Pelletier has what it takes to move his team forward. They played every single game fighting for Pelletier. Pelletier loves football and never missed a day with his team. The team was always there if he had a problem walking or breathing and in return Pelletier gave the Blue Devils an unforgettable season. This sunday, December 4th, I will be running in a  5k Road Race to help raise money for the Pelletier family.
Over thanksgiving break I took blood tests for leukemia. For about a year, you can say I was sick. I showed symptoms of leukemia, so I had to take tests. I should know the results before Christmas break. If Pelletier has what it take to continue teaching and coaching, I should be able to do normal things despite whether if I have leukemia or not. Greg Pelletier is my inspiration. This weekend I will be running for the Pelletier family and for my better health.

Here's a link to a video of Coach Pelletier-

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