Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2, 2011

So I was really interested in the layering conversation we had in class the other day and I found a Photographer that has some wonderful images that I'm assuming he used layering in. I was unable to figure out how to copy or download his images but here is his website. if you go here and go under the title images and then to Novellas towards the middle, there are some awesome images of layering. I really like how he chose to use black and white over color I think that adds a more serious tone to it. Also on a few of them he only shows the other picture behind the skin of the model, I thought that was really clever and I would love to try it. These images keep you really intrigued I feel and add like a mystifying quality to them. I really like the image of the model with the stairs behind her. Not only in this one but all of them I feel are very emotional and deep. With this particular photo I feel a sense of abandonment, loneliness or abuse idk but I really enjoyed these I hope you do too. Some day I hope I can make images like these.

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