Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NYC's Day and Night Combined by Stephen Wilkes

I thought these images were really cool and different. This photographer is a fine arts photographer named Stephen Wilkes. These photographs are a part of a fine art photography series that he did called Day to Night where he photographed different well known areas in NYC during day and night in order to capture the essence of city life. I think these photographs do a great job at conveying the well known saying "New York, the city that never sleeps" and I love that.

“Day to Night embodies a combination of my favorite things to photograph; people on the street melded with epic cityscapes, and the fleeting moments throughout the day and night.”

I really like the photographer’s concept and think the photos are well done. They add a surreal dimension to many different iconic New York places and I love the contrasting feelings you get from the different pieces of the images. In order to create the photographs, Stephen kept his camera at a fixed angle for up to 15 hours, then weaved and blended the shots into one frame.

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  1. These are really awesome Carly! I love seeing the contrast between the times throughout the day. I think having everything blending together really helps him capture the atmosphere of the city-the "go go go" feeling I get when I go to NYC, or even through others photographs. From his day to night series I think my favorite is the one of Central Park because it shows a very wide angle of the park and the color is brilliant. This is definitely some inspiring work- thanks for sharing it :)